New technologies and physiotherapy newcastle

New technologies and physiotherapy newcastle

Society spends much of the day in front of a screen, whether that of the mobile, computer or television.

Some studies quantify the number of hours that young people spend with their mobile phones, and the sum of the time they spend, whether answering messages, playing games or connected to social networks, exceeds 5 hours a day.

All this entails a series of physiotherapy newcastle among which stand out: ocular tension, tendinosis, cervicalgia, hearing loss, sleep and mental disorders, overweight, addiction.

Without taking away the importance of another physiotherapy newcastle, we will focus on talking about those that affect the locomotor system.

Whassapitis, Nintenditis, Wiitis … new colloquial terms to talk about tendinosis in the different tendons of the fingers. Tendinosis is a pathological process as a consequence of the degeneration of the muscles, caused by an excess of the load that we can support.

Physiotherapy newcastle

Physiotherapy newcastle

The hours we spend the day “hooked” to the mobile or new technologies become that aggression that the tendons are not able to withstand, and that therefore cause pain.

To avoid all this, besides trying to dose mobile hours, we must be clear that physiotherapy newcastle plays a fundamental role in the treatment of these acute physiotherapy newcastle before they become chronic.

Some studies face treatment with physiotherapy newcastle VS corticoids or VS infiltrations, whose short/long term results are similar, with no physiotherapy newcastle of side effects. Anti-inflammatories of the AINES type are not useful for the treatment of this physiotherapy either.

To control overweight, as we have already discussed in several articles shared on our social networks, in addition to rationalizing the time that children and adolescents pass immobile in front of consoles and computers, exercise is fundamental.

For all the benefits that it has, both in the motor and mental development of children. Physiotherapy newcastle plays an important role in the prevention of physiotherapy associated with overweight and in the pattern of therapeutic exercise.

Last but not least, the physiotherapy newcastle. Algias vertebral because of the bad postures adopted when playing or using the mobile. The most common among them is cervicalgia.

The poor positioning of computer screens, televisions or the position of looking at the mobile (trunk flexion with a downward gaze), leads to an overload of the cervical muscles that end in pain and which, if not corrected, can be a trigger for another physiotherapy newcastle.

Physiotherapy newcastle

Physiotherapy newcastle, in this case, is essential, both preventively and curatively. Massages, osteopathy, stretching … a whole battery of tools that only a physiotherapy professional can use to eliminate this physiotherapy.

It is clear therefore that the use of new technologies and more specifically, overuse, leads to a series of Physiotherapy associated with it; that these physiotherapy are to be treated only by health professionals and that, among all those professionals, physiotherapists have a fundamental role in postural education, the prevention of physiotherapy newcastle and the treatment of them.

Rob Prosser